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Automatic Ticket Issue 24/7

Automatically issue your air tickets yourself, anytime and anywhere

More than 60 Airlines

Issue airlines that fly both international and domestic flights

All 3 GDS available

Ticket Vendor can issue PNRs from Amadeus, Sabre, and Galileo

Easy payment options

Choose to pay by G.M. Credit or credit card

Special Features

Eligible Fares

Ticket Vendor can issue

  • Adult and Child tickets
  • Nego/ Promo / Private Fares
  • Mixed Class / SOTO tickets

Pay by Passenger's Credit Card

You can use the passenger’s credit card to pay in Ticket Vendor with your mark up. For instance, the Agent Net for a ticket is THB5,000. You mark up the customer at THB500. You can use the passenger’s credit card to make payment for a total of THB5,500.

G.M. will return your marked up profit to you every 25th of the month.


Condition: The cardholder name must be the same as the passenger’s name in the booking.

Self Void

If you issue via Ticket Vendor, you can easily void your ticket yourself within the same day

How to use Ticket Vendor

Fill in your PNR


Fill in the PNR that you’ve made the reservation

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